About Raven's Rest Studio

smile, pass it on

Raven’s Rest Studio is an online lifestyle and gift boutique located in Vancouver, BC Canada.  We carry an extensive line of eclectic and cheeky greeting cards, magnets, mugs and other products that are designed to make you grin or chuckle. 

We carry a wide variety of products for every event in your life. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, baby shower, house warming, co-worker gift, etc, we’ve got something for everyone with new styles and creations debuting every month!

passionate about paper

A lifelong obsession with paper of all kinds – musty, tattered books, vintage photographs/postcards, and antique dictionaries/ledgers are my jam! I love to imagine the stories behind these items, creating pieces that have a past and tell a new story at the same time. It’s always a bonus to give an old, cast off object a second chance at life too.

meet the maker

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada Jen is a collector, an artist and a designer. She started Raven’s Rest Studio in 2007 for the same reasons many other people do, she wanted to be home to raise her kids, be on her own schedule, have the ability to be creative, and get paid for doing what she loves.

She has had a lifelong obsession with paper of all kinds and combined with her passion for cheeky and eclectic cards, Ravens Rest Studio was born.