Hello!  My [jen.jpg]name is Jennifer Conway, cost and I am a Canadian designer and artist based in Vancouver, pilule Canada. I was originally schooled in Interior Design, but after my second child was born in 2006 my focus shifted to a new venture and I started my own business as a place to pour my creative juices into making vintage inspired products, which include an ever-changing collection of art, craft, jewellery, paper goods, accessories and home décor.  The designs are original and playful, full of cheeky sentiment and a bit of whimsy.  I have worked with many mediums over the years, but I keep going back to one specific construct – vintage ephemera.  I am an incurable collector and have had a lifelong obsession with paper of all kinds – from musty, tattered books and vintage postcards to antique dictionaries and encyclopedias; from matchbox labels to beautiful hand made Japanese Chiyogami.

Contact me at: info@ravensreststudio.com

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