Hello and welcome!  My [jen.jpg]name is Jennifer Conway, and I am a Canadian designer and artist based in Vancouver, Canada.

I am an incurable collector and have had a lifelong obsession with paper of all kinds – from musty, tattered books, antique ledgers, old photographs, vintage magazines, postcards and sewing patterns, cigar labels, matchbox covers, aged dictionaries/encyclopedias, hand crafted Japanese papers….etc. (trust me – it goes on and on!).

Sourcing from my massive collection of rare and unique imagery I create vintage inspired art for stationery, giftware, handcrafted “bling” and more. Playful, quirky and unexpected – one of a kind designs that have a past and tell a new story at the same time.

My hope is that my work puts a smile on your face and brings a little bit of fun and joy into your lives, hearts and home!

Contact me at: info@ravensreststudio.com